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SmartGDI - FAQ
Contact Info

Smart GDI .
Cleveland, OH 44111
Email: teamsmartgdi@gmail.com


Q: How does Smart GDI Work?
A: We work to get everybody five people in their first level downline. Once that has been completed, we put the next person under the first person you referred in. The next person goes under the second person you referred in. The next person goes under the third person you referred in. The next person goes under the fourth person you referred in. Finally, the next person goes under the fifth person you referred on. We then repeat this pattern four more times. The end result of that is that all five people in your first level downline will each have five people. We repeat this process for your 2nd, 3rd, and 4th level downlines. At the end, assuming you have a fully populated 5 x 5 matrix you will have 3,905 people. which equals $3,905/month, residually. Assuming everyone in your downline, including yourself, is on the Premium plan, you'd be making $19,575/month residually. Not bad, right?

Q: How long does it take to rotate people into my downline?
A: Depends. It depends on how fast we get people to sign up and become a part of the team. This will determine how fast we get to your downline. In the mean time, we highly suggest promoting your affiliate link which will start your downline right now. Right now SmartGDI is in its beginning stages of production so, there is no better time than the present to jump aboard. We also have a great marketing strategy set in place to really start building your downline.

Q: How much does it cost to join SmartGDI?
A: Nothing! That’s right. We are FREE FOREVER. The only fees you pay are your GDI fees of $10 per month (on the Basic plan) or $50 per month if you decide to add the Premium package.

Q: What is required of me to participate in SmartGDI?
A: Simple. You just need to be signed up with GDI under the sponsor we provide you. If you decide to cancel your membership with GDI and your turn comes up in the rotation, then, unfortunately, we will have to take you off the rotation.

Q: How can you get support when needed?
A: You can contact us at our email address teamsmartgdi@gmail.com