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Membership Benefits

Forced Matrix

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If you were to join GDI by yourself (not becoming a member of SmartGDI), you will work hard to market yourself and only get people to sign up directly under you. By being a member of Smart GDI, we will help to build your downline 5 wide and 5 deep by essentially turning the GDI system into a forced matrix. Read example

Great Income Potential

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You can earn up to $3,905.00 per month as a Basic member and the potential goes MUCH higher. Click here to read more.

Multiple Streams of Income

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For our members, we offer a few other programs they can take advantage of to really boost their income potential. Click here to read more.

Affiliate Links

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Star earning money now! Using your provided affiliate links to sign people up will ensure people are put into one of the levels of your downlineClick here to learn more

Marketing Help

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For those of you that are really motivated to get the word out about SmartGDI, we offer a lot of very useful tutorials and videos in our members only section on how to best market SmartGDI.

Upgrade Strategy

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We are going to help you on the best time to add the Premium package to your Basic account. Read example

Work At Your Own Pace

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You work at your own pace to promote us however you would like to. We highly suggest taking advantage using your affiliate links we provide

Great Team Support

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The SmartGDI team is here to help and we will do our best to help you out with any questions you have about GDI.

Updated Content

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Fresh new content added to our members only section as much as possible. We also do conference calls and sometimes we will also do webcasts to keep our members up to date on what's going on.