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Smart GDI .
Cleveland, OH 44111


1. Any new members to Smart GDI MUST only sign up by using the sign-up link that we send you for who to sign up under. You will obtain this link approximately 24 hours from the time you sign up with us here at SmartGDI.Click here to sign up now and have your link sent to you (

2. If your GDI account is canceled you will be removed from our rotation.

3. You have to allow your upline and down line to see all of your information. Please do not hide information within your GDI account such as your phone number and email address. It's important not to make your account private as your downline will need to be able to see your information. The reason for this is that we use this information for verificaition purposes only.

4. If you have the need to change any GDI account information, such as your GDI ID, Email, or Phone number, please contact us BEFORE you change it within your GDI back office. We need the information you use here to match what is showin in your GDI back office for verification purposes. Please submit any needed changes to this email address - - This way we can update our data to ensure you're information is accurate.

All other inquiries can be made to

Thank you